Programs and Centers

School of Arts and Sciences Area Studies Programs and Centers bring together a multi-disciplinary group of faculty and students devoted to the study of global concerns and major world regions. The Programs and Centers offer a selection of degree and certificate options for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as special programs, conferences, and talks on a wide variety of topics by distinguished scholars across the campus and around the world.

Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life

The Allen and Joan Bildner Center is committed to academic excellence and fostering scholarly exchange, and connects the university with the community through its public lectures, Jewish communal initiatives, cultural events, and teacher training. The center sponsors visiting scholars and offers a wide range of programs for students and seminars for faculty.  The activities of the Herbert and Leonard Littman Families Holocaust Resource Center advance the Bildner Center's commitment to reduce prejudice and promote understanding.

Center for African Studies

Rutgers, home of the African Studies Association Secretariat, has a long history of commitment to the teaching of Africa through curricular and faculty development. The Center for African Studies informs a broader public through a vigorous outreach program of community projects and educators' workshops for K–12 teachers and coordinates a large number of Africa-related courses in various units throughout the university system. Building on its commitment to international education, Rutgers supports faculty research in Africa and encourages linkages with Africa-based scholars, institutions of higher learning, and nongovernmental organizations.

Center for European Studies

The Rutgers Center For European Studies is dedicated to the strengthening of multidisciplinary research in European studies at Rutgers, and to the development of intellectual exchanges with European scholars and institutions. In an effort to foster a deeper understanding of the complex history, politics, and culture of Europe, the Center hosts visiting scholars from a wide range of European countries, coordinates the development of major projects and initiates, or supports, a significant number of seminars and public events every year.

Center for Latin American Studies

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) is an organizational home for scholarship and pedagogy on the Latin American region at Rutgers University.  CLAS offers both major and minor degrees in Latin American Studies. CLAS provides students with a strong grounding in Latin American history, culture, economics and languages. Affiliated faculty come from the departments of Anthropology, Spanish and Portuguese, Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Africana Studies, History, Political Science, Economics, Music and Sociology among others.

Center for Middle Eastern Studies

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) is an interdisciplinary area studies center, comprising faculty members drawn from the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences within the School of Arts and Sciences. CMES offers a major and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies, as well as courses on the cultures and religions of the contemporary Middle East and several levels of instruction in the languages of the region, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish.

Modern Greek Studies Program

The Modern Greek Studies Program is an interdisciplinary effort that offers an undergraduate minor. The program explores the language, literature, history, society and culture of Greek-speaking people from the Byzantine period through contemporary times. The program offers courses in elementary, intermediate, and advanced modern Greek that are anchored within the program and are taught by native speakers with proven expertise in teaching the language to students. Most other courses are cross-listed with affiliated departments, and are typically taught by tenured Rutgers faculty with outstanding credentials in their fields.

Advanced Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies

Rutgers Advanced Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies at Rutgers aims to foster multi-disciplinary research about the Caribbean to allow a better understanding of the region and its people from a variety of perspectives. Affiliates conduct research on such diverse areas as diaspora and transnational studies, migration and immigration, literary, visual, and sound and performance studies. A variety of methodologies and technics are employed by affiliates to conduct their research, including qualitative, quantitative, mixed and participatory methods.

British Studies Center

The Rutgers British Studies Center (RBSC) supports a rich variety of programming—lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, and roundtables—dedicated to the interdisciplinary analysis of British history and culture. The Center's work is broad in chronological scope and geographical sweep, ranging from the Early Middle Ages to the present and from the local to the global. Our aim is to encourage not a quest for a dubious unity of method but a series of intellectual encounters and engagements, producing friction as much as consensus and stimulating both productive disagreements and transformative collaborations.

Center for Chinese Studies

The main mission of Rutgers Center for Chinese Studies 羅格斯大學中國研究中心 (RCCS) is to sponsor, coordinate and promote all China-related academic activities at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. The center is a major source for scholars and the public to acquire a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of China, both historical and contemporary.

Institute for Science and Technology Leadership in Africa (RISTLA)

Rutgers Institute for Science and Technology Leadership in Africa (RISTLA) aims to foster higher education for scientific research and development, and to grow the infrastructure to educate a highly trained technical African workforce. Over the long-term, RISTLA will help to overcome the lack of a critical mass of African scientists and engineers that limits the industrial and agricultural productive capacity in many African countries. RISTLA focuses on building workforce capacity to meet the enormous demand for new technologies in Africa.

University World Languages Institute

The World Languages Institute (WLI) provides K-12 language teachers with a graduate-level core program in pedagogy reflecting the New Jersey Student Learning Standard for World Languages and the National Standards for Second Language Teaching. Our Methods of Foreign Language Teaching K-12 is approved for New Jersey state certification. Graduate courses in Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish cover topics such as civilization, culture, grammar, linguistics, and literature. WLI students have the opportunity to enroll in a Master of Arts for Teachers degree program, which may be completed in two to three summers.

South Asian Studies Program

The South Asian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to promoting the study of South Asia and its diasporic communities. It does so by supporting the teaching and research activities of South Asia-related faculty and students; organizing public talks, cultural events and an annual speaker’s series; furnishing awards and research fellowships for students studying South Asia; and developing financial resources to enhance understanding and awareness of this important world region. In the minor in South Asian Studies, students acquire expert knowledge on the culture, economy, history, literature, religion, and politics of the region. The minor draws from more than 70 South Asia-related courses taught at Rutgers and allows students to tailor their studies according to interest.