The purpose of this project is to bring together scholars, graduate students, librarians, and others interested in different aspects and influences of water. A crucial natural resource with political, social, and economic implications, water is investigated from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. However, there is a critical need to bringtogether and integrate all this dispersed research. This project seeks to highlight the Rutgers University Libraries’ central role in providing a common ground and support for the scientists and social scientists from numerous schools, departments, and institutes and centers across Rutgers.

Kayo Denda, PI (Women’s Studies Librarian); Joan Bennett (SEBS, Associate Vice President for the Promotion of Women in Science, Engineering and Math); Ethel Brooks (SAS, WGS, Sociology); Qizhong (George) Guo (SOE, Civil and Environmental Engineering); Karen Hartman (Social Work and Planning and Public Policy Librarian); Rebecca Gardner (Anthropology, Geography, and Human Ecology Librarian); Triveni Kuchi (Sociology and Instructional Services Librarian).

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