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Water Work Women in science & art discuss water issues & activism

Talking Creativity: Conversations Between Scientists and ArtistsImage

Monday, October 25, 2010
7:15 - 8:30 pm
Bunting-Cobb Lounge
Woodbury Hall, Douglass Campus

Dessert and Coffee provided

Moderator: Jacquelyn Litt, Dean, Douglass Residential College

Panelists: Betsy Damon, artist and founder of Keepers of the Waters*

Alison Candelmo, ecology, evolution & natural resources department

Lisa Rodenburg, environmental sciences department

* Keepers of the Waters is a U.S.- based non-profit organization that serves as an international
communications network for people actively engaged in projects that transform our relationship to water.
Their mission is to inspire and promote projects that restore, preserve and remediate water sources using a
combination of art, science, and community involvement.

Sponsors: Douglass Residential College, Institute for Women and Art, The Office for the Promotion of Women in
Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, and RU FAIR ADVANCE

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