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The Ethnic Art Ensemble of Guizhou University Performance at Rutgers University

Image Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 7:00 PM
Nicholas Music Center, CDC

The Ethnic Art Ensemble of Guizhou was established in 1998. In the past 10 years, the group has performed in China, Russia, the United States, South Korea and France.  The group has received many national awards for performing arts over the years. The event will feature the following performances:

Miao Girls Group Dance: “Dancing with the Beat of Drums”
Folk Songs of the Yi People: “Madrigal on the Grassland” and “Toasting Song by the Yi People”
Three-People Miao Dance: “A You” and “My Colorful Waist Belt”
Erhu Solo: “The Moon Reflected in Two Springs” and “Horse Race”
Couple Miao Dance: “Folk Song”
Yi Boys Group Dance: “Dancing with Bells”
Miao Girls Group Dance: “Silver Necklace”
Miao Love Song: “Love in Spring”
Miao Flying Song: “Standing High on the Top of the Mountain”
Miao Girls Group Dance: “Water Girls”
Dong Grand Songs: “The Cuckoo Is Calling for Spring” and “Cicada’s Song”
Huadeng Song and Dance: “Cai Hua Deng”

Admission is free.

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