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Yuyachkani Theater Group: Performing Human Rights

Image Friday, September 26, 2008 at 8:00 PM
Kirkpatrick Chapel, New Brunswick, NJ

YUYACHKANI (Quechua word meaning "I am thinking, I am remembering") is a Peruvian human rights performance troupe and one of Latin America's best known theater collectives.

Between 1980-2000, Peru suffered an epoch of political violence and human rights violations that left an estimated 30,000 dead. Created and performed by Ana Correa, Rosa Cuchillo ("Rosa Blade") is a stage action piece designed to interrupt the daily flow of life with a dialogue that incorporates ritual and myth, music and dance, the concrete and the dreamlike. The work seeks to unlock memory in order to create a renewed vision of the history of Peru during the last 20 years. The performance will be followed by the screening of Alma Viva ("Living Soul"), a short documentary about Yuyachkani's work during the proceedings of the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Ayacucho in 2002. The performance and screening will be followed by a talk back session with artists Ana and Debora Correa.

Presented in coordination with the upcoming Rutgers conference: BEHIND THE RAIN: Human Rights, Adaptation, and Environmental Change in Latin America, September 25-26, 2008, Rutgers University.

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Sponsored by: International Programs and the School of Arts and Sciences as part of the Global Initiatives Program on Human Rights: Content and Discontent Series, The Center for Latino Arts and Culture, The Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and The Department of Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies.

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