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SAFE Candlelight vigils for the Iraq museum

10-12 April 2008

In April 2003, the world looked on in horror as the Iraq Museum in Baghdad was systematically and tragically looted. Thousands of  invaluable objects went missing or were destroyed. Even today, objects  from the museum are still missing, and news coverage continues <>. What's more, archaeological sites  in Iraq <> and around the world  <> continue to be plundered for their objects, which are then smuggled and traded illicitly. This immeasurable loss hurts us all, as cultural heritage is a non-renewable resource to be shared with all humanity.

This April 10-12, on the fifth anniversary of the tragic looting of the Iraq Museum, please join SAFE and others around the world to commemorate the loss and to acknowledge that we are all responsible for the protection of our shared cultural heritage.

We have not forgotten. Light a candle with us:

Attend a vigil <>

Host a vigil <>

Light a virtual candle <>

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Share this opportunity with your friends, family, and neighbors to remember the Iraq Museum and raise awareness about the need to protect our past.

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